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I don't really get it...

...But okay, the animation was good, the mouths are my favorite. I sorta feel like it's gonna become what defines an awesome cartoon, just cause it's so ridiculous. Keep up the good work.

meh... it could have been better

While I get that you put a lot of time into this, it wasn't really all that good. You didn't spend anytime on the story, I sort of get the main idea, but it was like you left out some scenes, or just expected us to understand it, which I didn't. have you ever considered storyboarding out your animation first to make sure it all flows correctly? Also, cliches are nice, if they are used effectively, regardless of whether or not you're going for a serious or comical type of cartoon. This was, from what I could tell, a serious animation, and the cliches didn't seem to fit that.

But was this a serious cartoon? I kept seeing these really lame jokes stuck in here and there, but at the wrong times, like when the God thing was destroying everything, the guy with the green hair make some joke about fixing his robot, and that just wasn't the right time for a joke, it was a serious moment. It's like you tried to smoosh both comedy and gravity in this, without consideration of timing or placing.

The art was fair, but you really need to spend more time making the drawings consistent, when the village weakling was being thrown into the air by the townspeople, he was growing and shrinking, instead of just going up and down. and in general, it could use some improvements.

The audio was fair, though I think you should spend some more time making the volume consistent. That was my only real complaint about it.

Timing is something that every animation needs, yours lacked... not only in the jokes(as I mentioned before) but in the animation too. If you study regular anime, you'll notice that they waste a lot of time, with the camera zoomed up at someones face, while they talk in their head, or are surprised, those shots can last up to 30 seconds. You didn't have anything like that, to smoothen it out, it reminded me of one of the older awesome cartoons, which went really fast, but, consistently, yours jerked around too much.

Over all, I though it was a good start, but more of a rough draft, definitely not a final, finished work. Go and watch some anime to look for some of the key consistent things that you notice in all of them, and apply them to this (not the cliches, just general animation stuff) Be sure to figure out whether or not it's a comedy or serious animation, And also be sure to work on timing.

Remember that we don't know what's going on at all, so you have to explain it through the animation.

I liked you're animation better before

you got a tablet, things looked a lot cooler, now it's like it's gotten worse... still a good movie, though it could have been better.

Sh0T-D0wN responds:

I know :/. I hadn't fully figured out how to get crisp lines with the tablet until yesterday.

But I have a few other projects on the list that I'm planing on using my old no-outline style with.

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Columbine for 7th graders

Couldn't have been any more orginal, those damn goth kids! Lol!


unfortunately because aiming is hard, it's very hard to get very far w/o a sight or silencer. but other then that... It's perfect. my favorite is the glock the m16 and the shotgun, due to kills. keep up the good work! and hopefully in the next one (if there is one) you'll but in different levels, and maybe even turn it into something like resident evil umbrella chronicles, where you can shoot boxes and stuff to find weapons and ammo.


in my review of zb1 I said it may be better than this... man was I wrong, now that I've acually played through to level 60 I just can't stop playing. LOVE IT! now time to try zb3 lol

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Fantastic! But...

As I mentioned as you were working on it, I think it sounded better with the drums at the beginning. Other than that it was really good.


it gives you a different perspective on the halo series...

Send me it!

dude, this is f**king awesome! While I'm not going to go as far as to say it better than the original (almost none of the remixes you here are actually better) but it's pretty equal to it. Keep up the good work!

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don't get it...

now I'm lost... but I assume as you release more it will become clear.

HimoruStar responds:

lol I'll release more later on today. : )


really gets your attention, can't wait to see more from you. Bye the way, what program do you use to make this? it kinda looks like manga studio... or flash.

HimoruStar responds:

I used Photoshop cs3 for everything. This picture was even drawn on photoshop too, my scanner doesn't work. And I'm too broke to waste paper lol. I still can't understand manga studio nor flash. >_<

Love the style, but...

Hank looks russian to me... anyways, keep working!

I'm thinking about becoming Jesus...

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